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Time for an update.

A proper one, I hope.  I'm still using Christopher's laptop, because mine's gone into the shop to get looked at.  Thinking it's the harddrive, but we'll see when he calls me to tell me what's wrong with it.  $66 just to get it looked at and whatever else on top of that if it's worth fixing.  Yikeses.

Saturday just gone was the big moving day.  We hired a trailer and took all my stuff down to the new place in Melbourne.  I'm at home home at the moment because Chris and Hannah are off hiking somewhere, and I didn't really want to be alone for my first weekend outta here.  They're back tomorrow, so the plan is to go back with them, though I haven't decided yet whether I'm going to hitch a ride or drive myself.  I shall cross that bridge when I come to it.  I'm going to have such fun setting up my new room, though!  All the boxes are as yet unpacked.  Yesterday and today I have spent working in my room.  I'm culling: two wardrobes down to one because Dad wants to turn my room into a guest room.  So I've been packing/shelving things.  Almost done; just have a few more things I need to sort out.  Got a new quilt cover and sheets for my bed yesterday, too.  It's all very exciting!  I just need to update my wardrobe and find me a job!

First of all, a sucks to the ABC!  HAH!  I have since found out it's actually airing here at the end of January, but thanks to the magic of the Internet and torrents, I downloaded legally obtained a copy of the 2008 Doctor Who Christmas special!  I rather enjoyed it, too.  I liked David Morissey (sp?), and always enjoy the Cybermen.  It had its funny times, of course, but also its nice moments.  I won't say too much about what happened, just in case there are some people who haven't seen it yet (yeah, right among the people I know!) and don't wish to be spoiled.  Must say, though, I always thought Mister Tennant looked tall standing next to everyone else on screen (besides perhaps Jack Harkness), but Mister Morissey is even taller.  They've worked together before too -- Blackpool, another brilliant piece of British television.  And Dervla Kirwan?  Gorgeous as Miss Hartigan.  Still can't believe my Doctor won't be in the 2010 series, but I have a few more specials to look forward to before then.

And on that subject, heard on the news last night that the new Doctor has been announced: Matt Smith, whom I've never heard of, nor seen anything.  In my opinion, he has some rather large Converses to fill, but we shall see how he goes.  Peter Davison now no longer has the distinction of being the youngest Doctor, that now going to Matt, who is ... 26, I think?  Best of luck to him; he'll need it! ;)

Christmas for me was nice; quite a quiet, family affair.  The haul included two seasons of Boston Legal on DVD (YAY!), a couple of books (The Tales of Beedle the Bard and one called Dewey, about a library cat.  Very cute, and quite amusing, though it gets sad near the end) and some chocolate.  We had sausage rolls for breakfast on Christmas morning as we always do, did the presents, then went to Melbourne and with a stop at Christopher and Hannah's for morning tea, we went to my Uncle Alan and Aunt Christine's for lunch.  Got stuck watching Andre Rieu for a while in the evening (he's very good, but I shall never buy one of his CDs or DVDs), but then we got to turn it over to the Royal Variety Performance from goodness knows when, but I saw a couple of songs from Wicked (AWESOME musical!)and Avenue Q, which is coming here next year and looks ... interesting, but I think it's something I may enjoy and also saw (to my Dad's surprise) John Barrowman doing a number.  Dad hadn't seen him on anything but Doctor Who and Torchwood, so didn't know he was a singer too.  We stayed there Boxing Day too, which consisted of watching the cricket, visiting my cousin Jamie's new house and delicious ham sandwiches made with the ham left over from the previous afternoon, of course.  The next day we went to see my parents' best friends, Jenny and Paul in Balnarring, by the beach.  Didn't do a whole lot, though I did get to see The Dark Knight, which was rather good, though I'll have to watch it again, having probably missed a lot due to all the other noise in the room.  Heath Ledger's performance is incredible.

Next was New Year, which was also a quiet family affair.  It had to be here, due to my going to Maryborough on New Year's Day, but my Aunt and Uncle came up and we had champagne and blowers at midnight while we watched the fireworks.  Then the next day I drove myself to Maryborough for the Highland Gathering, which I've already mentioned was great fun despite the sunburn, which is healing nicely now, thank-you very much.  It was quite a pleasant drive, too, through the country.  And nothing much else has happened since then, aside from the moving everything on Saturday.  I actually didn't have that much to move, although I have another bag or two to take tomorrow, and my bed and new bookshelf are all set up thanks to my Dad, so all I have to do is spend what I'm sure will be rather an enjoyable time unpacking the boxes and sorting everything out.  Unfortunatelty, the unit I'm moving into has actually been sold, so we have to be out by mid-February.  I'll just be getting settled and I'll have to pack up again!  Ah well.

And now that I've finished that rather long-winded entry, I shall return to stalking the New York PackRat market for the goodness-knows-how-many Scrooges I still need for this set.  Back into the room tomorrow and off to Melbourne tomorrow night sometime.  Will be writing again soon.

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