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Right, those icons and moodthemes I was ticked off about losing in that last entry?  I found 'em!  Well, not them exactly, but slightly earlier versions of them, which as far as I can see, I'm only missing the Wendy images I found since I backed that CD up.  Everything else seems to be there.  All the icons I'd made seem to be intact too; nothing seems to be missing.  Now I don't have to go through zillions of images to find them all again!  YAY!  Boy am I glad I tend to back things up more than once.  When I get back to Melbourne (as all my DVDs are currently in my room there), I shall continue with them.  Expect more moodthemes in the not-too-distant future.

Plus, Australia won the cricket today, beating South Africa, I have a bit of Lindt chocolate in the fridge, I have a job interview on Tuesday (and another one that I must e-mail my resume off to tomorrow) and I get to go to the Australian Open (tennis) on the weekend!  A happy Ruthie now.

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